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Unlocking Unrequited Love

So now what? I didn’t realize how often I thought of him at night, until it became too scalding, too final, too over, and in his absence, there was only black space.  Instinctively, I searched for another face, one I had … Continue reading

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Sexting, Selfies and Salvation

This was my masterpiece, the last one I sent him, a few weeks ago, as we struggled to find the silent ground between X and PG-13, which was a prelude to goodbye, which started last weekend, and ended yesterday, with … Continue reading

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Tinder at 50?

So I went on Tinder the other night, mostly to distract myself from a situation I am in that is a little complicated. I have gone on it before, for five minutes, or ten. Tinder is like looking a deck … Continue reading

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